16 Avr 2021 17:41
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The AISA Aviation Society is an association gathering pilots and sky-divers working for Airbus SAS.

The Aviation Society provides some support to ease the practice of this activity, either for licensed people, or for trainees, within the Midi-Pyrenees region. 


The Aviation Society welcomes all direct and indirect beneficiaries who want to fly light aircraft, gliders, 3-axis microlights, or practice skydiving. Additional support is provided to beginner members.
To benefit from the support of the Aviation Society, these activities must be practiced in the Midi-Pyrenees region and with one of the associations recognized by the Society’s Board.
The aid provided by the Society takes the form of a subsidy per hour of flight or per jump. The limit value on the level of levitra cost.The upper limit per participant is higher for student pilots.

Only the training course leading to the first pilot licence can benefit from this outstanding effort. A group of volunteer instructors, which includes many Airbus employees and retirees, is ready to inform and train those interested.