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You will find that we are a very active section with over 500 members who participate in a variety of events during the year. Fortunately, not all at the same time!

Membership of AISA runs from July to June each year. The renewal period is from July to September each year. Applications forms go to the AISA offices, together with a current medical certificate and cheque.

Each month, from February until November inclusive there is a Monthly competition – The Airbus Tour. This is open to all players with a handicap up to 36. In some cases, it is possible to include players with a slightly higher handicap. These competitions are divided into two series. The 1st series for players with a handicap up to and including 15,4 play from the white tees gents, blues for the ladies. 15.5 up to 36 play from the yellow tees, gents and reds for the ladies.


Approximately 6 times per year there is a Challenge Tour competition – aimed at new golfers who have their green card but open to players of all levels. In fact, we welcome players with lower handicaps to "help" our new players with rules advice etc. These competitions are all played from the forward tees.

For these competitions, your inscription, including name, licence number handicap etc. needs to be sent to the organiser no later than one week before the competition. A newsflash and a newsletter are sent out each month giving full information of up and coming events.

We also have very active Seniors and Ladies sections. Again, competitions are arranged each month during the week.

Added to this there is an Airbus League where teams are divided into divisions, the aim being to be promoted to a higher division each year. Of course, sometimes it's demotion!

Our Corpo teams are very busy during the year and are always looking for players willing to participate in these events.

There are also other events during the year, all the appropriate information is available in the Handbook.

It is necessary to have a FFG licence before playing in any competition and this can be applied for by sending or taking the completed form, together with your cheque and current medical certificate, to the AISA offices. The appropriate form is attached to the section marked FFG licences.

For beginners, there are lessons available at a variety of venues (see the price list). Once you have your Green Card you can start playing in competitions (see above). You start with a handicap of 54 which is reduced depending on the score at the end of the competition.
See the appropriate information about index computation in the section called guidelines , rules, AGM:Index computation:FFG rules

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the committee who will be pleased to help you.
Enjoy your golf.